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About the Attendees
Over 3,000 attendees signed up for Tech Weekend in Miami in 2017. Our attendees ranged from the local miami area as well as from Europe, and Latin America. These are leaders of tech companies, tech enthusiasts, tech professionals, and tech students who wish to experience technology first hand. Since most of the booths will have interactive exhibits, attendees will be likely to spend time in each booth.

Who is in the CIO Track?
The CIO Track is made up of Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and other C-Level executives. These are usually the decision makers at their respective companies. They will be gathering in a special room for part of Friday, March 15 to hear speakers discuss the latest technology topics for businesses. In addition, most CIO Track attendees will be visiting the main show floor throughout the event.

How can my company reserve a speaking slot at the event?
Speaking slots fill quickly and are available as part of the Platinum Sponsor package or upon request. Email for more information.

Can I get my company's technology in the hands of developers?
Tech Weekend in Miami attracts a large group of developers and gathers them for a hackathon, a programming contest. By sponsoring the hackathon, you can have your APIs, equipment and/or tools used by the developers. This gives our developers a first hand look at what your innovation can do, and allows them to get creative in terms of applying it to solve problems. Participation as a hackathon sponsor, also gives you the opportunity to have your technology tested through implementations and projects, which allows your company to identify use cases that you may not have thought of, and issues that you may have overlooked. Consider in-kind product, service, or license to be awarded as a prize. This will make it more likely that your technology will be visited past the hackathon date. Become a hackathon sponsor and get your technology in the hands of South Florida's developers.

Exhibitor 8x8 Booth

Exhibitor 6' Table Space

Come and experience.
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